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CHI Airnergy

Peeping Through a Leaf


Eye on CHI-Wavesonika for healing

Human body is an electrical and vibrational matrix of subtle bio-electrical charges with every organ and cells in its body generates electromagnetic fields vibrate at specific light, color and sound frequencies.

Thus, sound is the most ancient form of healing which can trace back to the beginning of civilisation in any culture and ethnic group on earth.

Inspired by an ingenious idea from one of the best known scientists on earth, CHI-Wavesonika has created an unique sound healing experience to harmonize your body, mind and soul to its original state of creation.

an acoustic tuning to revive your body and mind  


Human body is a symphony of sound, in which all organs and cells generate electromagnetic fields that vibrate and communicate with each others in waveforms at specific light, colour and sound frequencies. According to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, there are three kinds of musics in the universe - the music produced by our body, the music produced by the nature and the music produced by the cosmos. When our body is out tuned with the musics of nature and cosmos, we become ill. Thus the nature of healing is essentially to retune our body and mind to its original state of creation through a defined pattern of sound frequencies. It is like a music instrument of piano, which requires tuning after it has been played for a while. Nature sounds have long been applied in various healing techniques by the ancient Chinese, Indian and Greek. However the effectiveness of a sound healing is largely depended on the medium that is used for the transmission of soundwaves. Air is the most common form of medium for sound transmission and we hear sounds through our ears or feel sounds from our skin. However, comparing to air, water and bone are much better mediums for sound transmission. Our body is essentially an aquatic environment that is consisted over 70% of water. 


CHI-Wavesonika is an innovative sound healing system that uniquely reconstructed the rich life giving frequencies of nature sounds into a triplet channels of healing experience. A total of nine healing musics has been constructed against all the major chakras on the body including two above the body. These healing musics  are being further processed into two different frequencies as outputs of the system. The high frequencies are delivered to the brain and ears through hearing sensors while the low frequencies are transmitted to the body through vibration from a pair of vibrational sound cushions. This unique combination of acoustic vibration to the body, nature sounds to the brain and harmonic cosmic energy delivered by certified sound healing therapist lead to a complete transformation, detoxification and rejuvenation for a true holistic mind and body healing marvel. 

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