CHI Airnergy

Peeping Through a Leaf


Eye on CHI-Airnergy for life

Life is driven by nothing but electrons, and light, air and water are the three most profound essential ingredients for life on earth.

Assimilating nature's principles of photosynthesis, CHI-Airnergy ingeniously  tapped into the hidden life force within the air we breathe through a proprietary bio-electric excitation process.

back to the origin of life in nature


CHI-Airnergy has transformed the way how we breathe and how our body utilise the electric energy locked inside oxygen molecule. Under the normal physiological process, the inhaled oxygen is activated into Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) at the cellular level in order to give out the electric energy to our body. This life enriching process is a double edged sword as ROS are free radicals which are the root cause of inflammation and cellular death. You can imagine this process like light up a fire inside your house. While the fire gives out warmth to your house, it release smoke and dust which can damage your house at the same time. Today nobody would like to light up a fire in their house for warmth, instead we burn fire outside and use central heating system to bring the energy inside. This is exactly what CHI-Airnergy is about. 


In the CHI-Airnergy device (vitaliser), atmospheric oxygen is activated into its higher-energy state (singlet oxygen) - the physically active form of oxygen that the body has known for millions of years. This highly reactive energy is converted into pure clean life force with the help of water molecules. Essentially, CHI-Airnergy is a cellular central heating system that charges your body with energy rich life force in its cleanest nature.

The holistic health benefits of CHI-Airnergy has been demonstrated in 163 systems and health issues around the world. Its role in anti-oxidative stress, anti-inflammation and anti-aging determine CHI-Airnergy as a technology for life. Today it has been associated with diverse individuals in general public and healthcare professionals in medical clinics, anti-aging and wellness centers. Moreover, it has been accredited to the success of leading sport teams and athletics including Olympic gold medalists. 

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