CHI Airnergy

Peeping Through a Leaf


Eye on CHI Twinlight for life

Life is driven by nothing but electrons, and light, air and water are the three most profound essential ingredients for life on earth.

Assimilating nature's principles of photosynthesis, CHI Twinlight ingeniously  applied Airnergy technology directly in the form of light to tap into the hidden life force through a proprietary bio-electric excitation process.

back to the origin of life in nature


For over three billion years, nature has been using sunlight as its primary energy source in photosynthesis. The photosynthesis process captures energy from the sun in the form of electrons. It then splits water to create oxygen and sugar with the help of carbon dioxide (CO2). Cellular respiration, on the other hand, conducts the exact opposite reaction, i.e. that it converts sugar and oxygen into carbon dioxide and water. Human beings, animals and plants depend on the cycle of cellular respiration and photosynthesis for survival. However, both chloroplasts and mitochondria were descended from ancient bacteria through the process of evolution. Those ancient bacteria have the capability of directly harvesting photon energy from the sun and have been conducting energy harvesting and transfer for their host cells ever since.

Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Otto Warburg pioneered research on photosynthesis and life about one century ago. His early work on the influence of the wavelength of light photosynthetic efficiency served as a blueprint to our understanding on life and light. Today numerous studies and discoveries have been made in the field of light and water on life, in particular the work of Dr. Gerald Pollack on the 4th phase water is a remarkable breakthrough in science. His work not only has confirmed the existence of a long speculated 4th phase water, but also has provided indisputable evidence that human body has the ability to harvest light energy through our skin like photosynthesis in the plants. This same finding has also been confirmed by another independent research group which has demonstrated that specific light can directly act on our skin to split water and generate oxygen, a process which was unthinkable in the past. 


CHI Twinlight is another innovation of Airnergy technology, it directly applies specific monochromatic light source to the skin to provoke formation of 4th phase water and oxygen generation from water molecule. The duo-light source design allows more powerful energy healing while offering versatile therapeutic applications. 

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