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Peeping Through a Leaf
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In the air, in the mind, in the heart

The CHI Journey around the world

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CHI At Harmoni EXPO

Art of air awarD 2019


Dr. Chi awarded with Art of Air Award 2018 in the category of science

A-Star Singapore

Dr. Chi receiving trophy as a guest speaker at the A-Star Technology Conference in Singapore

RSSDI 2017

Dr. Chi lecturing on diabetes at RSSDI 2017

Holiday at Seas 2017

Dr. Chi presenting at Holidays at Sea wellness cruise 2017

World Diabetes and Endobolism

Dr. Chi chairing the opening ceremony at the joint World Diabetes and World Endobolism congress

Art of Air Award ceremony

Dr. Chi receiving Art of Air Award 2018

Partners of CHI Academy

CHI Academy & Harmonic Science Society on Holiday at Seas wellness cruise 2019


Dr. Chi lecturing at Diabetes Asia Study Group conference 2019

Holiday at seas 2019

Dr. Chi lecturing on Holidays at Seas wellness cruise 2019

Healing with sounds and vibration

Dr. Chi delivering lecture on the science of healing with sounds and vibration in China

Harmony Expo 2018

Dr. Chi lecturing at Harmony Expo in Sweden

European Chinese Medicine Conference

Dr. Chi lecturing on Go Beyond Medicine at the European Chinese Medicine conference

World Diabetes conference

Dr. Chi lecturing at World Diabetes conference

Harmony Expo 2019

Dr. Chi and CHI Healer Maxette at Harmony Expo 2019

Healers at Holiday at Seas

Dr. Chi with CHI healers at Holiday at Seas wellness cruise

1st CHI workshop China

The 1st CHI Awakening weekend workshop at TangRenTong Natural Healing Institute in China

2nd CHI workshop China

The 2nd CHI Awakening weekend workshop at TangRenTong Natural Healing Institute in China

Holistic Holiday at sea 2019

Dr. Chi at the opening ceremony of the wellness cruise.

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