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​CHI Awakening Academy is set to make a difference in the world by bridging the gaps between ancient wisdom, religion and science.  Our concept of Conscious Health Initiative (CHI) is designed to promote true well-being and health through awakening our inner connection with the world around us. However, the backbone of this concept is built upon scientific evidence and understanding.  Rather than directing people to a particular point of view, we show people how everything is connected at the fundamental level.


At CHI Awakening Academy, we achieve this by providing integrated tools from scientific education and innovative energy technologies to ancient healing practice. our mission is to promote fundamental understanding on the consciousness nature of life which is essential in our pursuit for health, happiness and wellbeing. Through integrating modern science and innovation with ancient wisdom, CHI Awakening Academy is geared to enlightening people about true awakening for life from within. 

Our education and consultation programs are tailored to individual and corporate needs. In addition, we also provide certified trainings on various energy therapies as well as CHI Awakening Centers certification and Practitioners accreditation.  ​

Mark Twain has famously defined the two most important days in our life are the day we were born and the day we find out why. This very road I am taking with CHI Awakening Academy is a true discovery journey about the second most important day in my life. Interesting enough, everything about me can be summarized by the meaning of my family name Chi in both of Chinese and English interpretation

According to the Chinese meaning, the letter of my last name Chi means late. This sounds rather funny, yet it is indeed how my life has been since I was a child. Everything in my life takes much longer time than others to evolve and to get settled.


- From academy side, I moved from medicine to dentistry to international business administration and business informatics. This diversified education somehow also determined my career path which ran from medical to pharma, tissue engineering, biotechnology, medical devices and eventually went into translational medicine which is specialized in bringing cutting edge innovative technologies and products into the world.


- From personal interest side, I have learned Kungfu, Taiji, Qi-Gong, Karate, Yoga and eventually found my place in meditation. Along the journey of all these learnings, I have been moving around the world in the last 28 years from Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America and back to Europe again in the end. This hectic life style has also made my personal life very complicated, a cross-culture marriage after years of back and forth in the air finally got me settled  at the age of close to 40 and had my first child after 40 years of age.


According to the English meaning, my last name Chi means energy. The knowledge I am sharing and the work I am doing are essentially about fundamental energy or life force. So often people asked me if my name was truly "Chi" - Dr. Chi? It is unbelievable to myself too, after all, I have been living a life that is written in my name. Like Nikola Tesla once said - "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration...". Actually his words has played an extremely important role in my understanding about life.


Contrary to most people, I started my journey of awakening and enlightenment from an initial zealous pursuit for scientific understanding on medicine, biology and science. As a translational medicine specialist, I had the opportunity to access to some incredible scientific innovation and medical discoveries. The discrepancy between different technologies and scientific rationales has been so intriguing that it has driven me to look into much broader perspectives in life which linked to ancient wisdom, philosophy, spiritual practice, religious belief, ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, mathematics and quantum physics. As a result of this, suddenly everything makes sense to me and all the dots are connected. Upon understanding everything in the logical sense, I started to take a life changing journey of my own, on which I have applied and validated the knowledge learnt through my scientific analogy and ancient wisdoms. Unlike conventional methods, I took advantage of my knowledge from two-side of the world, applying scientific understanding, innovations into my practice on breathing, yoga and meditation. This dual-path journey not only has completely transformed my life and health, but also allowed me to see the spiritual reality with my own "eyes" through meditation. This spiritual enlightenment brings a new dimension in my life and I come to realise the purpose of my life. This was the fundamental reason behind CHI Awakening Academy. This CHI is no longer about my name, rather it stands for Conscious Health Initiative as I see myself as a simple messenger of the universe.Our world has been divided by our limited vision and understanding for too long, this limitation has created the concept of matter, colour, sound, smell, emotion and spirit. The truth is that they are simply pure manifestation of energy and consciousness is at the root of everything. Today we are living in a world that ancient wisdom and modern science are not crossing each other, which means awakening is for ancient spiritual practice alone and understanding is for modern science only. A true enlightenment, unity and oneness has no two faces or duality, so is with scientific knowledge and ancient wisdom.


Life has called on me for this challenging purpose of enlightening people about life and everything connected with it including our happiness, health and wellbeing. I am humbled by the gracious gifts and spiritual guidance life has given to me and it is my desire to walk my own walk. I am determined to be the one who can show people the way in its own act. I am Buddha is not a statement or status, rather it is a commitment and mission to pursuit a path for true enlightenment and awakening.

About Dr.chi 

Dr. Jibin Chi MD.MBA.MBI

FOUNDER & Principal, CHI Awakening Academy, sweden 


Dr. Jibin Chi started his career as a translational medicine specialist who has been a pioneer in bringing scientific innovation to medical frontier. His decades long pursuing in science and medicine, coupled with spiritual exploration has led him to profound awakening in understanding life. His unique journey from scientific quest to spiritual enlightenment has led him to the creation of CHI Awakening Academy.  


Dr. Chi is an international speaker on a wide range of scientific conferences. He has been actively promoting fundamental understanding on life and advocating change the face of medicine starting from diabetes. His disruptive new theory on the fundamental mistakes in diabetes has received increasing recognition. He has been invited lecturer to various scientific conferences to share his new insights on anti-aging, diabetes, cancer, energy medicine and wellness.  He has been a lecturer, instructor and therapist at "Holistic Holiday at Sea", one of the top-100 wellness holidays in the world. His work has entitled him to become the first laureate to the prestige "Art of Air" Award in the category of science in 2018 and 2019.


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